Voted Best Indie MMO

Shards Online was voted Best Indie MMO by at PAX East 2014.

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Discover New Worlds

Come with us on a journey across the shards of reality. Discover new and exciting worlds that break the mold of traditional high fantasy and span multiple genres.

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Shards Online FAQ

We’ve compiled the answers to your most frequently answered questions all in one place.

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Latest News - First Impressions

TheHiveLeader from MMORPG jumps into the game during our preview weekend and created this video of his first impressions.

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NewsThumb-CreateWorldsIGN - Create Your Own Worlds in Shards Online

With Shards Online, Citadel Studios is setting out to create an innovative game where players are in charge of their own destiny. Big talk, but the sandbox RPG draws a lot of inspiration from old MMORPGs like Ultima Online and action games like NeverWinter Nights.

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NewsThumb-MassivelyMassively - Checking out Shards Online with Citadel’s Derek Brinkmann

Are you eager to see what Shards Online is all about? Do you have questions you want to ask a dev? Well now is the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone. Massively’s MJ is diving into Shards along with Citadel Studio’s Co-Founder Derek Brinkmann during the title’s pre-alpha public weekend.

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  • Project Update
    Hello everyone. We have been pretty heads-down the last few weeks and I wanted to...
  • Playtest Event: Saturday August 16
    On Saturday, August 16 2014 we will be opening Shards Online for a playtest event....