Pre-alpha Playtest – Saturday January 31st – PvP Balance

The Shards Online Team is happy to announce our first playtest event for members of the Pre-alpha Playtester Program. The servers will be available Saturday, January 31st at 2PM EST (7 PM GMT) and will remain [...]

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Community Roundtable: February 7th

Roundtable Link: This Community Roundtable will focus on our first post-Kickstarter development milestone. We'll discuss current work on Celador, housing, servers, and other topics Supreem covered briefly in his January letter. The Roundtable will be [...]

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Pre-alpha Playtest Special Event – Saturday, December 20th, 2pm EST

Since we promised all of our Founders level backers (75$+) a playtest before the end of the year, we will be hosting a special playtest event this Saturday, December 20th, 2pm EST. We will be [...]

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Campaign Wrap-up Stream – Friday December 12th 6-8pm EST

Join Derek Brinkmann (Project Lead), Tim Cotten (Creative Director) and Bruce Bonnick (Lead Systems Designer) as they count down the final hours of the campaign. We will be giving away prizes about 1 hour into [...]

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Pre-alpha Playtest Stream – December 6th at 2pm EST on Twitch

Our next pre-alpha playtest will be Saturday December 6th at 2pm EST on our channel. This week we will be focusing on PvP! Update: If you missed the playtest, we've put together a highlight [...]

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Pre-alpha Playtest Stream – November 29th at 2pm EST on Twitch

Shards Online playtesters are going turkey hunting to celebrate Thanksgiving! Watch the live stream on our Twitch channel. For those of you that missed it, watch the highlights here!

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Pre-alpha Playtest Stream – November 22nd at 2pm EST on Twitch

Our next pre-alpha playtest will be Saturday November 22nd at 2pm EST on our channel. We will be hunting some of the more difficult monsters on Uaran, such as the ancient bear and Morgath the [...]

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Playtest Event: Saturday August 16

On Saturday, August 16 2014 we will be opening Shards Online for a playtest event. The server will run the default ruleset (see our pre-alpha game guide for details) and open at 10 AM EDT [...]

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July 19 Community Roundtable: Community Servers and Modding

Community Roundtable 3 will focus on the framework for running your own server, modifying your server, and connecting your server to another player-run server. For an overview of the topics, check out our page on [...]

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Watch the video from this roundtable here: Join us on the Shards Online Twitch channel at 3PM EDT, June 28th, for a look at the Shards Online development roadmap. At the start of the Community [...]

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June 13th 8pm EST Community Roundtable

You’re invited to participate in our first Community Roundtable on Friday, June 13 at 8 PM EDT (12 AM GMT). We’ll be broadcasting live on the Shards Online Twitch channel and taking questions via Mumble and the Twitch [...]

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Event Results: Battle of the Backers 2

Event Date: Friday May 30th 8pm EDT Round 1 Winners: Murg and Trok (draw due to stuck bug!) Round 2 Winner: Xx_Kharon Round 3 (Hunger Enabled) Winner: topi Round 4 (Hunger Enabled) Winner: Murg Round [...]

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Upcoming Event: Systems Q&A With Logrus

Join Shards Online systems designer Bruce "Logrus" Bonnick for Thursday, May 29 at 8:30 PM EDT (12:30 AM GMT May 30) for a  Fireside Chat 8 Shards enthusiasts will be able to participate in a [...]

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Upcoming Event: Battle of the Backers 2

What: Battle of the Backers 2 When: Friday May 30th 8pm EDT (12 AM GMT) Where: Shards Online channel Who: Everyone is welcome to watch. 20$+ backers can participate The details This time we [...]

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Event Results: Battle of the Backers 1

Event Date: Saturday May 24th 4pm EDT Round 1 Contestants: Dermott, Disorder, Flash Hardstar, Flolah, Murg, RelExpo, Ylldrael, zycor Winner: Ylldrael Round 2 Contestants: Astragus, Dozer Belador, Gandalf, Greagoir, mamorunn, Successful Geek,   Vrecer, Yakobu Winner: Vrecer Round 3 [...]

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Battle of the Backers

Play Shards Online this Saturday! All backers ($20 and above) will get a chance to participate in live streaming events during our campaign. Our first event, Battle of the Backers, will stream this Saturday, May [...]

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