Alpha is Live!

Alpha is Live! Today we are proud to unveil the first official Alpha build for Shards Online! This build is now running on our official server, Shards of Aria, and we [...]

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Alpha Release 1 Patch Notes

European Parallel Universe Europa (EU) Celador and Outlands regions are now open Craftable Gatestones (alchemy) can be used to open portals between US & EU Regions. World Dungeons and Catacombs Revamp New Dungeon: Contempt - Void [...]

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Alpha Launch Date Announced

Greetings Citizens of Aria We are excited to announce our official Alpha Launch date! Starting on January 13th, Shards Online will enter the next phase of development with our much anticipated Alpha Release Build. [...]

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Alpha Preview: 0.3.5 Hotfix #1 & #2

Thank you all for the feedback and bugtesting. We have released our latest patch with the following changes. Published 09/29/2016 Changes Crafting: Alchemy recipes reshuffled and revised. Recipes reshuffled. Crafting gains increased greatly. Can [...]

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0.3.4 Patch Notes: Catacombs Lower Level and so so much more!

Patch notes can be discussed here. (Pledged Alpha Supporters Only) Player Run Merchants Anything can be listed for sale including containers with items inside Initial charge of 100 coins and 10% commision for all sales. In [...]

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Vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

Help us expose the Steam Community to Shards Online. Vote for us now!

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Job Posting: Engine Programmer (Full-time contract)

Job Title: Engine Programmer City: Manassas, VA (Remote Candidates Considered) Citadel Studios is looking for an experienced programmer to join the development efforts for Shards Online as a full-time independent contractor (month-to-month with 30 day [...]

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0.3.3 Patch Notes: Catacombs Levels 1 and 2

Clusters: WARNING: Clusters are currently unstable. We may switch Azure Sky back and forth between a cluster and a standalone map as we work to improve the stability over the next couple weeks. To see [...]

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Community Roundtable and PvP Tournament Wrap-up

We had a great time during the community roundtable talking about our progress, development priorities, and answering questions from the community. If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing on Our first Tournament of [...]

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September Community Roundtable and Playtest Highlights

This weekend we had our Pre-alpha 3 Preview weekend stress test and it was a smashing hit! Over 100 people participated with a combined total of 196 hours played. The surveys are going out to [...]

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MassivelyOP: Proposing the ‘Persistent Online World’ Game

Last week, our comments erupted over some game studios’ haphazard use of the term “MMO” — and how that overuse and misuse has possibly tainted the genre, leading other studios to avoid its use altogether. [...]

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Shards Online is a game that in its understated way is going to change the way MMOs are developed by bringing the community to bear in a way that has never been done before. Citadel [...]

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Pre-Alpha 2 Officially Released

Today marks a huge step forward for Shards Online. The Shard Server is now in the hands of our Pre-Alpha Admins ($200+ tiers). This means they are running their own servers and learning the modding [...]

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Pre-alpha Playtest Special Event – Saturday, December 20th, 2pm EST

Since we promised all of our Founders level backers (75$+) a playtest before the end of the year, we will be hosting a special playtest event this Saturday, December 20th, 2pm EST. We will be [...]

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Q&A with Project Lead Derek ‘Supreem’ Brinkmann

We asked project lead Derek 'Supreem' Brinkmann some commonly asked questions about the overall vision for the game. Check it out and share it with your friends! (2:22)

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