This release was focused mainly on core systems. It allowed players to experience the fundamentals of our combat system, character development, equipment, looting, etc. It was not very content heavy and provided only a few hours of gameplay for those who did not engage in player versus player combat.

  • New Features

  • Uaran Map
  • Tactical combat
  • 11 skills
  • 11 armor sets, 5 weapons
  • Weapon abilities and spells




The goal of this release is to get the community running servers and creating mods as early in the process as possible. When Pre-alpha 2 is released, our Pre-alpha Admins will begin working with the development team to improve the process involved to run servers and create mods.

It will allow for player run servers hosted by Citadel Studios and the creation of custom rulesets. Also provided with this release will be a first pass at our modding documentation.

  • New Features

  • World object and template editor
  • Regions and paths editor
  • Lua Engine script modding support
  • Modding documentation




We want to give our Pre-alpha Playtesters a chance to give us feedback on Celador before we release it to the larger group of alpha testers in Alpha 1. This release will be the first time playtesters will have the opportunity to play Shards Online on the much anticipated Celador map. Much of the explore-able area of the world will be accessible during this phase with the exception of certain points of interest like the Ruins and Waterfall cave.

  • New Features

  • Mainland of Celador
  • Player housing
  • Resource harvesting skills
  • Crafting skills



This is a very exciting release as it finally gives all of our alpha level supporters access to the game. Servers will run 24/7 and server admins will have the opportunity to run shards on their own hosting solutions. The cluster feature means characters will be able to travel between maps including to alternate realities of the home world Celador.

Celador will be fully fleshed out with all of its points of interest including Petra Village, the quarry, graveyard, cultist ruins, portal, thieves den and waterfall cave. Catacombs, our stretch goal map will also be available in its first iteration. The Catacombs will feature multiple levels of dungeon crawling goodness.

Lots of other features will be packed into this release like house construction skills, fishing, perma-death ruleset and story toolkit.

  • New Features

  • Clusters
  • Catacombs map
  • Additional crafting skills
  • Fishing
  • Role-player emotes and animations
  • Perma-death ruleset
  • Story editor toolkit
  • Shard Portal and Possession god abilities



A forsaken, alien world – Terminus is a shard of horrors that ensnare the fragile sanities of mortals who dare to tread in places the gods themselves have trembled.

Once, in an age long dead, a race of geniuses shattered the womb of reality that birthed this evil place, ascending into a broken pantheon of mad gods. They have been called many names by their victims: the nameless ones, the elder gods, the dreamless – they are Xor.

Xeno-terrors crawl the desolate wasteland, unleashing biological mutations and horrors on unwary travelers. In the far distance a great needle-like spire stabs the ground, surrounded by a physical darkness from which their is no return.

Along with the Terminus map comes a large variety of new monsters, weapons, armor, spells and abilities. Some of these items will become available through crafting while others such as rare named items will only be found on Terminus.

Another exciting addition to Shards Online in Alpha 2 is the mobile companion app. At this stage, the companion app will allow you to monitor your hired NPCs and assign tasks to them. This gives players direct interaction with the virtual world on their mobile devices.

  • New Features

  • Terminus map
  • New monsters/weapons/armor/spells/abilities
  • Grouping
  • NPC hired merchant/crafter/gatherer
  • Character customization (body, skin, face, hair)
  • Mobile app — Hired NPC control



The Colosseum that provides a large arena for a variety of mini-games from player vs. player tournaments to games where players must survive waves of attacking monsters. Players will also get to explore the seedier side of the shard where organized crime and gambling are ubiquitous.

In Alpha 4, we are also adding additional features to the companion app and the first parts of “Phase 2 Customization” for modders. (Custom Assets)

  • New Features

  • Colosseum map
  • New monsters/weapons/armor/spells/abilities
  • Mounts
  • Guilds with guild halls
  • NPC hired guards
  • Phase 2 customization (custom assets)
  • Mobile app – event notifications



When Shards Online reaches Beta, it is released to the public and available to anyone who purchases a copy of the game. At this point the game is stable enough to guarantee that server wipes will no longer take place.

In addition to adding the Tower of Babel map, the primary focus of this release is polish and bug fixing of existing features and systems.

This release also includes more “Phase 2 Customization” and companion app features.

  • New Features

  • Tower of Babel map
  • New monsters/weapons/armor/spells/abilities
  • Graphics polish
  • Bug fixes
  • Mobile app – guild communication