Development Roadmap

After our initial Kickstarter campaign came to an end, we realized that we would need to tighten up our development plan to get to an alpha state as quickly as possible. We also are redefining what core features are necessary for our first alpha build based on player feedback. We also need to be sure that we have enough re-playable content on our first map to keep players engaged while we continue development.

It is important to mention that nothing is ever set in stone in game development. That is even more so with smaller indie studios such as ours. One of our advantages over the big publishers is our ability to quickly react to changes in resource availability and player feedback.


Want to know even more? Watch the full discussion on Youtube: Shards Online: Development Roadmap Community Roundtable

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  1. Hellz yea!

    • What is the goal player count for a single shard?? Am I going to have to do a cluster to handle large amounts of players on my own or can a single shard have many players by the end??

      • Derek Brinkmann

        In the first iteration of Shards Online, we are currently planning to support 128 players per shard. So yes, anyone wanting to support large numbers of players will run a cluster. Clusters will be very easy to set up and run!

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  3. […] last few weeks and I wanted to fill you all in on what we have been up to. As most of you know, we previously refocused our goals and tightened up our plan for alpha. Since then, our team’s focus has shifted towards future […]

  4. […] Anyhow, I’m writing this because I recently backed Shards Online on Kickstarter, and I plan on writing mods for it and/or hosting a shard or possibly even a cluster. I backed at the Pre-Alpha Admin level, so I should hopefully be able to post some things about what’s going on with the game in general soon as well as what I’m working on myself by way of mods. The game bills itself as Ultima Online meets Neverwinter Nights, but the best part is it’s going to be designed from the ground up to be moddable. If you want to get a general idea, you could try looking at the Shards Online official website, or at their Development Roadmap. […]

  5. Looking at the Kickstarter goals currently doesn’t look like you will reach the “story editor toolkit” goal. Seems like an ambitious project I would be willing to support it if I could get a better handle on how modding will work.

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