What: Battle of the Backers 2
When: Friday May 30th 8pm EDT (12 AM GMT)
Where: Shards Online twitch.tv channel
Who: Everyone is welcome to watch. 20$+ backers can participate

The details

This time we will be adding a few twists to the event like nighttime and hunger. We will be pulling people onto the staging server directly from the twitch channel.

If you are already a backer, you will be receiving a Kickstarter message with the download link to the client. Be sure to have it downloaded and extracted before the event begins so you will be ready if you are selected. New backers can get the link during the event upon request.

Everyone who participates will receive the “Tribute” in-game title in Shards Online at launch. This time the prize for winning is just bragging rights (but hey you can’t put a price on that!)

Remember it’s pre-alpha and we are all new at this so things will go wrong. The main goal of these events is to have FUN! See you Friday!!

Click here to view the Battle of the Backers rules, game guide, and support channel.